Out and About

Dubai Knits gets around town. I thought I’d start posting skeins of yarn photographed around its name sake. To start us off, this was the table at the most recent get together of the UAE Amiras. It’s not unusual to find someone has tipped over the contents of my yarn bag and piled up or lined up the skeins on the table.

Fiber on the menu

My yarn babies have travelled to quite a few countries around the world, and if you have a skein or two with you and you are not in the UAE, would you post a photo of your Dubai Knits skein showing a landmark where you are right now? Don’t worry, UAE folks, there is something special cooking up for you.

There might be something pretty in it for you. Please use #dubaiknitstravels across all social media. I’ll pick a winner at random at the end of June 2015.

Thank you for giving my yarn babies a home.

She dreams of yarn…

Charmaine, a fellow Filipina knitter who found me on my old Etsy shop gave a wee shout-out on her blog today. Thank you for the kind words, and for sharing photos of that gorgeous Travelling Fern Lace wrap, knitted out of Pure of Heart lace. Winter Berries was one of my first colourways. I used to do a lot of semi-solid shades before because I was too scared of mixing the wrong colours and ending up with yucky browns.

You can read about Charmaine’s sweet blog post here.

There are a few skeins of Pure of Heart lace in stock in the shop right now, here are a couple of my personal favourites:



chevron squishy
The lovely Marielle of the UAE Knitting Amiras is knitting up this gorgeous Reversible Chevron Scarf (free on Ravelry).

Squishy is one of my favourite bases to dye. It is made of 85% superwash merino and the 15% nylon content makes it sturdy enough for a pair of socks. The yarn has a supersoft hand which makes it ideal for baby garments, shawls and cowls and even fingerless mittens, anything that’s worn next to the skin really.

I am bringing in new stock of this yarn so watch out for a boat-load of new Squishy in the shop in the coming weeks.

Quick reminder

Happy new year, everyone!

Things are slowly getting back to normal here. No dyeing sessions yet since the new year started, but loads of plans to team up with new designers which hopefully would see some kits appear in the shop this year.

Just wanted to remind everyone to read the descriptions of each yarn type and if you have any questions, please send an email. I believe my description of each yarn type is clear enough, however I understand that if you do not knit or crochet then none of those descriptions might make sense. Which is why I encourage you to contact me first before you make a purchase.

If you are a newbie, you can familiarize yourself with yarn weights with any of the following:

Again, if you are in doubt, I am only an email or post away.


Today was an adventurous day for Dubai Knits!

First time taking the inter-Emirate bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to visit the Amiras on their monthly meet-up. It was great catching up with these ladies, dining and knitting over chatter about babies, kittens, yarn, projects and boobies! Just another typical Amiras meet-up. Although, I have to admit this lot is always way more subdued than a Dubai meet-up. But not the least bit passionate about the craft!

A few newly-dyed skeins which were not even photographed did not make it back to Dubai with me. Thanks, Zaineb for loving the Bunting colourway in Luna. I loved dyeing those blue skeins with streaks of orange. I hope you enjoy making pretty things with them. And all 5 skeins of Pure of Heart lace that you so happily snapped up. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Anamarie, apologies again for the Zombie Garden boo-boo I made last week. Glad you finally managed to grab it today. Marion, so lovely to catch up with you, sorry to hear about your poorly darling girl and hope she gets back to 100% soon. Have fun with the skein of Petunia. Can’t wait to see it with your amethyst pendant.

Hala PM’d me one evening to ask if I have or can dye 4 skeins of silvery grey Luna. She sent me a reference but dye and web colours usually do not match accurately. i did the best I could and was half-expecting Hala not to like what I came up with. But she loved them! She immediately hand-wound a skein to start her new test knit. Here’s a peek at French Quarter:
French Quarter

A few more skeins were added in Luna and Pure of Heart so check them out when you get a chance. I’ll be dyeing some more lace this coming week and new batches of Luna are on order. A little blonde bird in pigtails told me off for not having more then 2 skeins of anything! Message received loud and clear! Larger quantities of each dye lot coming right up!

Shop updated – finally!

Thank you for your patience – the In Stock listing is now up and running. Everything in the cupboard is now listed.

Apologies for the dodgy photos – I keep dropping hints to a certain somebody about needing a lightbox for product photography, even a DIY kind, and thank goodness they said they would sort it out for me, but unfortunately not in time for this shop update. Also, i had to reset my PC monitor to factory settings to be able to process photos t how they would appear in most PCs and handheld devices, i.e. I need my sunglasses as it’s at 90% brightness!

No matter, I aim to please so have at it. All the relevant sections have been updated, including the new yarn base, Luna. Thanks to the UAE Amiras yesterday for such a warm response to the newcomer. i only have a few single, one-of-a-kind skeins left. But don’t worry, I will be dyeing a few more over the next few days. Admittedly, the entire stock will be travelling with me to Abu Dhabi to meet with the Knitting Amiras there.

If you are in the UAE and would like to be able to see and squish the yarns in person, please drop me a message either on the blog, on Facebook or on email. Keep in mind please that I do have a day job so can only meet at the weekends. Alternatively, I will occassionally have a pop-up shop during the local Knitting Amiras meet-ups at The Lime Tree Cafe on Sheikh Zayed Road. Please follow them on their Facebook page to be notified of upcoming meet-ups.

More specifically, me and my yarns will be in Abu Dhabi this Friday, 14th November from around 12pm until 5pm at the Fashion Cafe, Al Wahda Mall. Do come by and say hi.


The shop cupboards are bare. Running inventory at the moment along with tidying things up and taking new, hopefully better photos of the yarn in stock.

In the meantime, here’s a peek at the newest yarn to join the family, Luna – 100% superwash merino, 4-ply fingering weight. shown here in Mixed Greens.

Please come back again soon. Thank you.

Still in business

It’s been deathly quiet around here and I apologise. Day job, family and other life stuff has taken more of my time than usual and the yarns and dyeing had no choice but to take a backseat. Temporarily. Dubai Knits is still in business. Very much so. Whatever is in stock is listed on the website. I can still take custom dye orders if anyone is interested.

I’m slowly getting back into dyeing and hope to come up with a pre-order Sweater Collection shortly.

In the meantime, I would like to share with you some of the recent knitting FOs found on Ravelry using Dubai Knits yarns. They are all gorgeous! I hope these inspire you to knit up your Dubai Knits yarns.

Anamarie’s Hitchhiker using Faith, Hope and Love, colourway Murder in the Bahamas. I love how Anamarie used the yellow wall to contrast against the blue shawl.

About a year ago, I sent two skeins of yarn and some hats to Joji Locatelli. Yes, the talented knitwear designer from Buenos Aires. She then proceeded to design this free hat pattern with a lovely cable detail using my MCN DK yarn in colourway India Blue. Joji’s Little Lonely Cable would look great for either male or female recipient.

Stephanie’s Koolhaas looks cool in FHL, colourway Formal. She held the yarn double so it’s extra smooshy. I was so afraid of this pattern before, but I have since made three of them. Stephanie’s dear husband makes a really good hat model.

knitpetite’s Korrigan is adorable! I have loved this pattern forever but have not made one. Maybe I should. This is made using Squishy sock yarn in colourway Orchard. Great choice as it is machine washable, light yet gives enough warmth to wee ones.

Eliza’s Mountain Moss Shawl is a delight. I never saw it in person but knowing just how neat a knitter Eliza is, I know this is an heirloom piece. The drape is thanks to the 50% silk in FHL. The colourway is Jazzberry, which is the name of an actual Crayola colour.

How adorable is Tracy’s Sprinkle? The stitch patternis simple and repetitive but gives a very interestingly textured finished garment. Yarn used is Chameleon in Clear Skies (the lighter blue). It’s an old yarn base, which sadly had to be discontinued due to supply issues.

Charmaine’s Traveling Lace Fern Shawl started life as something else. I think this was third time lucky for this skein of Pure of Hearts lace. I remember dyeing this particular colourway, called it Winter Berries and almost didn’t want to let them go. Charmaine did a wonderful job turning this into a delicate, very feminine scarf.

Analisa’s Zombie Vixen in Squishy colourway Teal-icious! These fingerless mittens are a joy to knit, simple, but hugely satisfying and highly wearable. I made a pair for a KAL once and would love to do one again in a semi-solid colourway. Kudos to Analisa for making the variegated teal work so well with the pattern.

Well done, everyone. Thank you for taking care of my yarny babies and I hope you enjoyed knitting with them as much as I loved dyeing them. Hopefully there will be more Dubai Knits FOs to come.