Spring Clean Sale

Thank you for your patience.

It took a little longer than I anticipated, but the yarns in stock are now all accounted for. Fresh start, new season, new ideas, so we’re having a sale. The listings are for all yarns in stock, available only in quantities as stated, which are on sale until stocks last.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much for your continued support of my little shop. Happy knitting!

She dreams of yarn…

Charmaine, a fellow Filipina knitter who found me on my old Etsy shop gave a wee shout-out on her blog today. Thank you for the kind words, and for sharing photos of that gorgeous Travelling Fern Lace wrap, knitted out of Pure of Heart lace. Winter Berries was one of my first colourways. I used to do a lot of semi-solid shades before because I was too scared of mixing the wrong colours and ending up with yucky browns.

You can read about Charmaine’s sweet blog post here.

There are a few skeins of Pure of Heart lace in stock in the shop right now, here are a couple of my personal favourites:



Today was an adventurous day for Dubai Knits!

First time taking the inter-Emirate bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to visit the Amiras on their monthly meet-up. It was great catching up with these ladies, dining and knitting over chatter about babies, kittens, yarn, projects and boobies! Just another typical Amiras meet-up. Although, I have to admit this lot is always way more subdued than a Dubai meet-up. But not the least bit passionate about the craft!

A few newly-dyed skeins which were not even photographed did not make it back to Dubai with me. Thanks, Zaineb for loving the Bunting colourway in Luna. I loved dyeing those blue skeins with streaks of orange. I hope you enjoy making pretty things with them. And all 5 skeins of Pure of Heart lace that you so happily snapped up. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Anamarie, apologies again for the Zombie Garden boo-boo I made last week. Glad you finally managed to grab it today. Marion, so lovely to catch up with you, sorry to hear about your poorly darling girl and hope she gets back to 100% soon. Have fun with the skein of Petunia. Can’t wait to see it with your amethyst pendant.

Hala PM’d me one evening to ask if I have or can dye 4 skeins of silvery grey Luna. She sent me a reference but dye and web colours usually do not match accurately. i did the best I could and was half-expecting Hala not to like what I came up with. But she loved them! She immediately hand-wound a skein to start her new test knit. Here’s a peek at French Quarter:
French Quarter

A few more skeins were added in Luna and Pure of Heart so check them out when you get a chance. I’ll be dyeing some more lace this coming week and new batches of Luna are on order. A little blonde bird in pigtails told me off for not having more then 2 skeins of anything! Message received loud and clear! Larger quantities of each dye lot coming right up!

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