Meet Gwendoline, one of the most feminine shawls you’d ever meet.
gwendoline (1)

From the pattern page:

Gwendoline a collaboration between Dubai Knits and PaulinaP Designs. It is shaped into a crescent and has a lovely cable and lace border running along the bottom. The shawl despite its looks is very easy to knit. The border is knitted sideways first and stitches are later picked up for the garter stitch body and worked bottom-up with short row technique used to shape it.

The serrated edge lends itself to beading if one requires more dressy shawl. Triangle beads size 5 are best to use with this yarn.

Gwendoline is perfect for intermediate and advanced knitters, however, advanced beginners can try it as well. The instructions are written and charted. I have also included a photo tutorial to help with the bobble making technique.

Gwendoline’s relaxed beauty is sure to add style to many casual or special outfits!

gwendoline (2)

You can make a larger shawl by knitting more repeats of the lace edging. A smooth, slightly drapey yarn is your best option for this shawl. Anything too woolly might obscure the lovely lace edging. And anything too drapey, or knitting at a larger gauge will lose all the elements of the cable and lace.

gwendoline (3)

You can buy the pattern directly from Paulina’s Ravelry store. Thank you, Paulina for this wonderful experience!

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