Shop updated – finally!

Thank you for your patience – the In Stock listing is now up and running. Everything in the cupboard is now listed.

Apologies for the dodgy photos – I keep dropping hints to a certain somebody about needing a lightbox for product photography, even a DIY kind, and thank goodness they said they would sort it out for me, but unfortunately not in time for this shop update. Also, i had to reset my PC monitor to factory settings to be able to process photos t how they would appear in most PCs and handheld devices, i.e. I need my sunglasses as it’s at 90% brightness!

No matter, I aim to please so have at it. All the relevant sections have been updated, including the new yarn base, Luna. Thanks to the UAE Amiras yesterday for such a warm response to the newcomer. i only have a few single, one-of-a-kind skeins left. But don’t worry, I will be dyeing a few more over the next few days. Admittedly, the entire stock will be travelling with me to Abu Dhabi to meet with the Knitting Amiras there.

If you are in the UAE and would like to be able to see and squish the yarns in person, please drop me a message either on the blog, on Facebook or on email. Keep in mind please that I do have a day job so can only meet at the weekends. Alternatively, I will occassionally have a pop-up shop during the local Knitting Amiras meet-ups at The Lime Tree Cafe on Sheikh Zayed Road. Please follow them on their Facebook page to be notified of upcoming meet-ups.

More specifically, me and my yarns will be in Abu Dhabi this Friday, 14th November from around 12pm until 5pm at the Fashion Cafe, Al Wahda Mall. Do come by and say hi.

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